The philosophy of the
BRILL company and brand

The high standard of quality for our products and services forms the mainstay of efforts to impress the market and therefore safeguard the company's long-term success. Not only that, but our customers' satisfaction always remains at the forefront of what we do.

We know the desires and needs of our clients both at home and abroad. And this is the direction in which we orientate our ideas and our actions. After all, our customers' opinions are our benchmarks. We consistently implement our customers' demands into our products. As a result, users driven by the trend towards ever-smaller gardens and storage facilities can choose from products that are space-saving and can be conveniently stowed away. What's more, we also immediately pick up on other current trends in the industry and on the market. So it is not without reason that the issue of noise reduction in the context of gardening is one of the key guiding principles in our product development. Coupled with our ability to inspire, creativity and dedication, we produce garden equipment that bears testimony to our success and our passion.

And that's how it's always been. Even in the early days of BRILL, more than a hundred years ago, the BRILL brothers, driven by their passion, created "innovative and sturdy gardening equipment". And nothing has changed in this regard, even today: the BRILL brand continues to be synonymous with pioneering technology, attractive design and innovative concepts or to put it succinctly, with our motto, "enjoy the green side of life!"

BRILL today

Since 1st October 2009, the BRILL product division of BRILL Gloria Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH has been part of the AL-KO KOBER GROUP, which maintains the long-established BRILL philosophy. This is why AL-KO not only embodies the values of BRILL, but it is also consistently developing the BRILL brand's innovative strength with the aim of continuing to boost the premium BRILL brand, allowing AL-KO to further expand its market position at the top of the European league of gardening equipment manufacturers. And this course for success is one we are still following supported by product development in Germany and production and sales in Europe, which are distributed across internal and external companies.