Product highlights

BRILL Roboline™ R30

It mows, you relax. While you enjoy your garden lying in your deckchair, the Brill Roboline™ R30 takes care of it for you. The laying of the working area limiter cable and the setting of the Roboline™ operating times can be carried out by your dealer or you can do it yourself. As soon as the Roboline™ R30 is assigned its work area, it gets to work straight away. The result: a perfectly manicured lawn every time.
The advantages for you:
  • The clear, easy-to-read display lets you know the current operating status. Just a few button presses are all it takes to set the required mowing time.
  • The dual-blade cutting system not only reduces soiling inside the casing, but also makes the grass cuttings smaller. They are returned to the soil as a natural fertiliser. The result: a perfect cutting pattern.
  • With rubber wheels and excellent traction, the Roboline™ R30 can master inclines of up to 35 per cent.

BRILL Aluline and Steelline petrol lawnmowers:

You demand performance in every situation: a lawnmower that can do what you want, not the other way around. The petrol lawnmowers in the BRILL Aluline and Steelline ranges are precisely optimised for the requirements of demanding lawn enthusiasts. For maximum stability and durability.
The advantages for you:
  • Carefully designed mower housing geometry for an optimised cut and excellent catching properties.
  • Innovative and powerful petrol-powered motors from leading manufacturers such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton.
  • All products are developed In Germany and produced at our factory in Austria. Quality with uncompromising technology. Guaranteed.

BRILL Evolution, Lion and Basic electric and battery-powered lawnmowers:

You´ll love our little darlings. The combination of intelligent design and powerful electric and battery powered motors ensures impressive mowing results.
The advantages for you:
  • The Brill "Evolution" series, with its revolutionary grass-catching system for virtually dust-free operation.
  • Clean cut and optimised filling of the grass catcher, thanks to its unique 2-channel air system that generates enormous suction.
  • Sophisticated design for space-saving storage or hanging.

BRILL Crossover tractors:

Perfect lawn tractors are born from the union of innovative strength and "engineering made in Germany". Our engineers turn the 1,200 or so individual components of each BRILL tractor into a masterpiece. High-quality materials, powerful engines, a simply brilliant mower deck and a sure feel for form make each tractor unique.
The advantages for you:
  • Brilliant technology: innovative steel tube chassis for permanent securing of the engine, gears, mower, steering column and front axle.
  • Superlative driving comfort and sophisticated ergonomics for fatigue-free and comfortable working.
  • Large range of accessories for sweeping or snow-clearing, for example.

BRILL scarifiers and shredders:

Following treatment with a BRILL scarifier, your lawn will literally be able to breathe more easily. It's the optimal basis for a beautiful, lush lawn.
The BRILL shredder makes short work of thick branches. And it does so with total reliability and safety. Innovative cutting roller technology keeps operating noise to a minimum.
The advantages for you:
  • BRILL scarifiers with powerful electric or petrol engines, compact constructions and functions arranged in a user-friendly manner.
  • The user-friendly BRILL 2300 ESK shredder chops hedge and tree trimmings into valuable shredded material.
  • Best in test from the "Stiftung Warentest" consumer organisation: It awarded the BRILL 2300 ESK a smooth 2.0 (good).

BRILL RazorCut cylinder mowers:

They´re still around, the old-fashioned cylinder mowers. It´s a tried-and-tested principle that has been developed for today´s demands on modern technology: Made from hardened steel, they invariably impress with their superlative quality and precise cutting.
The advantages for you:
  • The best cutting technology for your lawn. Precision-ground blade cylinders and lower blades leave behind a manicured lawn.
  • Contact-free blade cutting technology an invention by BRILL for effortless working and quiet mowing.